New project ‘Dialogue on water in the MENA region’

Funded by InWent a new project is undertaken by MedWet aiming to promote intersectoral collaboration to better manage water resources in the Middle East and North African region (MENA).  Planned to be completed within 2007 the project is titled ‘Dialogue o­n water in the (MENA) region’ and will address issues of water management related to wetlands, to the agricultural as well as to the domestic sectors.

Planned to be carried out in three phases the project first will involve transfer of know how in the water policy sector.  Institutional actors as well as major stakeholders from selected wetland sites in Jordan and Morocco, will  be identified during the first phase, 21-26 February 2006 and invited to engage in dialogues to be carried out locally.

At the local level, discussion will aim to identify key conflicts in the uses of water as well as their underlying causes and to promote consensus building among stakeholders to address them and resolve conflict.  Water  governance will be among the main themes of the discussion which will also consider capacity building as well as technical tools as means to improve water management.

Results of the local dialogues will be presented in a regional
workshop to be carried out at the end of the project. Bringing together representatives of MENA countries as well as project partners, the regional workshop will share knowledge built during the project, identify common concerns and promote understanding of regional and national specificities in the MENA region.

Both the local dialogues and the regional workshops will provide input towards the global guidelines o­n good practices regarding sustainable management of wetlands and agricultural resources, under development by the Global Water Partnership –Mediterranean (GWP Med).

In the long terms project is also expected to assist countries in the MENA region to implement insights and lessons drawn from the local and regional dialogue in order to promote wise use of water resources for the well being of communities and for the environment.

InWEnt – Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung (Capacity Building International, Germany) specialises in human resources and organisational development in international cooperation. The project is part of the InWEnt program aiming at facilitating reform in the water sectors of the MENA region, as a significant contribution towards sustainable use of water resources to assist in the relief of poverty.

The following documents issued for the first phase of the dialogue are available for downloading:
A provisional agenda for meetings taking place 21-26 February
A project outline (EN, FR)

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