New training tool on MedWet inventorying method by EKBY

A new training tool o­n the MedWet methods for inventorying wetlands is in preparation by Thessaloniki based Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre (EKBY). Due to be released in June 2006 the tool aims to provide practicioners in wetland management with uptodate knowledge o­n how to record and store but also o­n how to process to communicate and present information o­n wetlands.

Aimed at supporting Albania’s efforts to protect wetlands, the new tool is being developed within the ALWET project aimed at building capacity to establish inventory for Albanian wetlands. The project jointly executed by the Environmental Centre for Administration and Technology ECAT –Tirana (beneficiary) and the Goulandris Natural History Museum – Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre (EKBY),   generated significant new knowledge o­n the state of Albanian wetlands and of the skills that can help to support their protection. The project is co-financed by the European Commission and the Directorate General of Forestry and Pastures of Albania with the support of the Ministry of Environment of Albania.

The tool is combines the expertise of EKBY inwetland inventories and use of modern technology tools  with experience gained through a Training Needs Analysis, carried out by EKBY in Albania in 2005 specifically for the purpose of this training package (Hatziiordanou and Fitoka 2005). In addition a series  of training seminars addressed to Albanian scientists, were organised by EKBY in the framework of ALWET.

The tool is structured around three modules covering the fields of inventorying, database and  GIS.  The “Wetland Inventory” module provides the theoretical basis o­n the subject, including Remote Sensing as the key data source, and further documents the use of modern information systems as a means for wetland assessment. The “Databases” and “GIS” modules focus o­n tools that promote effectiveness and efficiency in inventory implementation and data dissemination.

For the training design a step-by-step approach was followed  that involved: definition of training general and specific objectives, target audience and content; development of instructional activities and selection of appropriate teaching methods; development of wrap-up and evaluation segments, design of teaching plan and of training follow-up.
In addition to supporting efforts to inventory wetlands of Albania, the tool is expected to have wider positive implications for wetland protection. Designed to comply with standards o­n wetland inventorying recommended by the Convention o­n Wetlands and MedWet, it is believed that the tool can help to increase compatibility among inventories built by different bodies and countries in the Mediterranean.

Contents of the Training Package o­n “Wetland Inventory using Information Systems”

The Training Package o­n “Wetland Inventory using Information Systems” consists of material for both the trainer and trainee and contains support material for carrying out the proposed activities. In particular, it consists of:

Basic texts: They are the main source of information o­n the teaching subject-matter and point to sources for further reading (e.g. bibliography, websites).

Activity Sheets: They present the learning activities that have been developed to help the trainee to absorb the knowledge provided and assimilate the teaching subject-matter. In cases which the curriculum is divided in beginners and advanced level the corresponding Activity Sheets include different exercises for the two levels. Specific written instructions and guidelines are provided in the Activity Sheets for the trainee to follow (i.e. which data set to use);

Support material: It is a means for undertaking an activity. It provides the trainee with the required data sets and with information (handouts) that help him / her to carry out worksheet activities and, consequently, to understand and absorb the knowledge provided. It is of two types a) data sets and b) handouts and will be stored in a DVD-ROM. The trainee’s use of the support material is determined and guided. These will be included in the trainer’s guides.

Trainer’s guides: It is to be used by the trainers. The main part of the Trainer’s guide regards the provision of specific instructions o­n carrying out the corresponding activities assigned to each thematic unit of the three training modules and the provision of suggestions o­n how to use and make the most of the educational material. Moreover knowledge evaluation tests and forms for the evaluation of the training events and specification o­n the activity performance (i.e.: hardware and software requirements) are included.

Obtaining a copy of the Training Package o­n “Wetland Inventory using Information Systems”

Once ready the tool will be made available by EKBY through the internet.

Source: Ms Eleni Fitoka, Inventory of Natural Resources, EKBY


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