Quarterly publication on wetlands for the Francophone world

Wetland information for the francophone world. “Zones Humides Infos” is a quarterly newsletter produced since 1993 by a wetland specialists’ expert group set up by the French Ministry of Environment in order to provide advice o­n the implementation and further development of France’s National Wetland Action Plan and national policies having an impact o­n wetlands.

The newsletter grew from a small leaflet to a substantial forum providing information and in-depth debates in French o­n specific wetland related issues, spanning from legal aspects, to agricultural policies, economic valuation, pond fisheries and aquaculture, cultural heritage, water management and river basin planning.

The first issue of 2005 is devoted to the Ramsar Convention. To request your copy of Zones Humides Infos by post you can contact the editor of the publication:
fax  +33 143 20 15 71

Source: communication by Mr Tobias Salathe, Senior Advisor for Europe, Ramsar Convention o­n Wetlands

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