General Meeting of the Focal Units North African Wetlands Network

The General Meeting of the Focal Units of the MedWet North African Wetlands Network (NAWN) took place o­n 25-26 April in Algeria.

The aim of the Meeting was to review progress of work in the implementation of the MedWet LIFE project “Protection and development of North African Wetlands”, currently carried out in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Focal Units, each composed of o­ne academic, NGO and o­ne Ministerial representative were fully represented in the Meeting.

On the part of MedWet the Meeting was attended by the MedWet Coordinator, Mr Spyros Kouvelis and the MedWet Senior Policy Advisor, Mr Nejib Benessaiah.

Mr Abdelghani Beloued, Director General of the Department of Forests, Ministry of Agriculture of Algeria, participated in the opening of the Meeting which took place in the locality of Sidi Fredj, off the city of Algiers.

Discussion topics included planning of priorities for the North African Wetlands Network over the next 3-6 years while a technical workshop was carried out o­n exhibitions to be developed in the visitor’s centers of the wetlands at Lake Reghaia in Algeria, Merja Zerga in Morocco and Sebkhat el Kelbia inTunisia, where the project is being carried out.

The second day of the Meeting was held at the offices of the Algerian Focal Unit, at the Lake Reghaia visitor’s center. Participants were guided through the newly completed first floor that will host the exhibition for adult visitors of the education center.

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