The Role Playing Game (RPG) is based on a scenario around a fictional wetland which  involves several stakeholders that use its natural resources and impact on the physical environment. The students need to take on the roles of the stakeholders which are a farmer, a fisherman, a stockbreeder, a developer, an NGO, an industrialist, the residents and the experts. The students need to learn about the impact of their stakeholder’s activities on the wetland as well as how to discuss with the others, negotiate with them, find ways to resolve conflicts and finally to create a common management plan.  The entire activity consists of six steps; the first four include introductory activities and a field visit, step 5 is the actual RPG and the final step is a synthesis activity.

The game can be played in schools and other institutions that deliver environmental education. The material provided is complete and the game can be played in its current form. However, it is not only possible but recommended to adapt the scenario, the stakeholders and problems to a local/national wetland. Also, it can be enriched or reduced according to time and budget availability. Simply use your creativity and adapt it to fit your purposes….!

The objectives of this Role Playing Game are

  • To educate students on the value and functions of wetlands and the threats posed to them by human activities.
  • To demonstrate to the students the complexity of environmental problems and the multitude of stakeholders and interests involved.
  •  To show them that the dialogue approaches and the use of science are the basic ways of resolving environmental problems.
  • To have a positive impact on public speaking skills, team work and critical thinking.

The RPG is composed of the following material, available for download:

1. A note to the educator (We suggest you read this first)
2. Scenario
3. Roles
4. Steps
5. Worksheets for role comprehension (Experts, NGO, all other stakeholders)
6. For experts only: the environmental impact table


La version française du jeu de rôle peut être téléchargée ici:

1. Note au professeur
2. Scenario
3. Rôles
4. Etapes
5. Fiches de travail (experts, ONG, autres partie prenantes)
6. Pour les experts seulement: la table impact environnemental

*** Available also in Greek (please contact