Some of the following publications are available online, these are denoted with a star (*) next to the title. The rest of the publications can be sent to you if you contact

Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: A Reference Manual *
L T Costa, J C Farinha, N Hecker, P Tomàs Vives
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Data Recording *
N Hecker, L T Costa, J C Farinha, P Tomàs Vives
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Habitat Description System *
J C Farinha, L T Costa, G Zalidis, A Mantzavelas, E Fitoka, N Hecker,  P Tomàs Vives
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Photointerpretation and cartographic Conventions *
G C Zalidis, A L Mantzavelas, E N Fitoka
Characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands
F Pearce & A.J. Crivelli
Functions and values of Mediterranean wetlands
J. Skinner & S. Zalewski
Aquaculture in Lagoon and Marine Environments
E Rosecchi & B Charpentier
Management of nest sites for colonial birds
C Perennou, N Sadoul, O Pineau, A Johnson, H Hafner
Wetlands and water resources
F Pearce
Aquatic emergent vegetation. Ecology and management
F Mesléard & C Perennou

Conservation of freshwater fish
Ps Maitland & A J Crivelli
Vegetation of temporary marshes. Ecology and management
P Grillas & J Roché
Salinas and nature conservation
N Sadoul, J Walmsley & B Charpentier
Wetlands and hydrology
M Acreman
Amphibiens et reptiles Ecologie et gestion
A Morand
Ripisylves méditerranéennes
H et O Décamps

Integrated Management of Mediterranean Wetlands
B Bonnet, S Aulong, S Goyet, M Lutz, R Mathevet
Monitoring Mediterranean wetlands: A methodological guide *
Edited by P T Vives
The Status of Wetland Inventories in the Mediterranean Region *
Hecker N and Tomas Vives P
Mediterranean wetlands socioeconomic aspects
Directed by N Benessaiah
Regional Action for Wetlands *
Th Papayannis
Sistema de Classificação de Habitats MedWet *
C Farinha , P R Araújo, E P Silva, S Carvalho, E Fonseca & C Lavinas
Eden: Marshlands of Mesopotamia
Guide of photographic exhibition
Manual para recolha de dados sobre Zonas Húmidas
Base de dados MW/SUDOE
Farinha J C, et al
Culture and Wetlands in the Mediterranean:
An evolving story*

Papayannis T. & Pritchard, D (eds)
Mediterranean Wetlands Outlook Report 2012*
Tour du Valat/ Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory