You will find below all the publications and reports published by MedWet.

This is also including all the publications published by the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory (MWO) along with the synthesis of the reports to target the decisions makers.

Some of the following publications are available online, these are denoted with a star (*) next to the title. The rest of the publications (if available) can be sent to you if you contact

Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: A Reference Manual *
L T Costa, J C Farinha, N Hecker, P Tomàs Vives
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Data Recording *
N Hecker, L T Costa, J C Farinha, P Tomàs Vives
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Habitat Description System *
J C Farinha, L T Costa, G Zalidis, A Mantzavelas, E Fitoka, N Hecker,  P Tomàs Vives
Mediterranean Wetland Inventory: Photointerpretation and cartographic Conventions *
G C Zalidis, A L Mantzavelas, E N Fitoka
Characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands
F Pearce & A.J. Crivelli
Functions and values of Mediterranean wetlands
J. Skinner & S. Zalewski
Aquaculture in Lagoon and Marine Environments
E Rosecchi & B Charpentier
Management of nest sites for colonial birds
C Perennou, N Sadoul, O Pineau, A Johnson, H Hafner
Wetlands and water resources
F Pearce
Aquatic emergent vegetation. Ecology and management
F Mesléard & C Perennou

Conservation of freshwater fish
Ps Maitland & A J Crivelli
Vegetation of temporary marshes. Ecology and management
P Grillas & J Roché
Salinas and nature conservation
N Sadoul, J Walmsley & B Charpentier
Wetlands and hydrology
M Acreman
Amphibiens et reptiles Ecologie et gestion
A Morand
Ripisylves méditerranéennes
H et O Décamps

Integrated Management of Mediterranean Wetlands
B Bonnet, S Aulong, S Goyet, M Lutz, R Mathevet
Monitoring Mediterranean wetlands: A methodological guide *
Edited by P T Vives
The Status of Wetland Inventories in the Mediterranean Region *
Hecker N and Tomas Vives P
Mediterranean wetlands socioeconomic aspects
Directed by N Benessaiah
Regional Action for Wetlands *
Th Papayannis
Sistema de Classificação de Habitats MedWet *
C Farinha , P R Araújo, E P Silva, S Carvalho, E Fonseca & C Lavinas
Eden: Marshlands of Mesopotamia
Guide of photographic exhibition
Manual para recolha de dados sobre Zonas Húmidas
Base de dados MW/SUDOE
Farinha J C, et al
Culture and Wetlands in the Mediterranean:
An evolving story*

Papayannis T. & Pritchard, D (eds)
Mediterranean Wetlands: Outlook
First MWO Report
Technical report 2012 *
Tour du Valat/ MWO
 outlooksynthweb211x300 Mediterranean Wetlands: Outlook
Synthesis of First MWO Report
Synthesis for decisions makers 2012 *
Tour du Valat/ MWO
 MWOfactsheetsweb Mediterranean Wetlands: Outlook
Synthesis of First MWO Report
Factsheets 2012 *
Tour du Valat/ MWO
biodiv thematiccollectionweb MWO 2012 Biodiversity
Status and trends of species in Mediterranean wetlands
Thematic collection issue #1 *
Tour du Valat / MWO
 TH#2Landcover2  MWO 2014 Land cover spatial dynamics in Mediterranean coastal wetlands from 1975 to 2005
Thematic collection issue #2 *
Tour du Valat/MWO
 th#1biodivsynthesis2 MWO 2014 Biodiversity in Mediterranean wetlands
Thematic Note for decision makers
Tour du Valat/MWO