MedWet was created as a mechanism to implement the Declaration “To stop and reverse the loss and degradation of Mediterranean Wetlands”, adopted by the International Symposium on Managing Mediterranean Wetlands and their Birds organized in Grado, Italy, in February 1991 by the International Waterfowl & Wetlands Research Bureau (IWRB), now Wetlands International.

Over the years, MedWet became the first of the regional initiatives now operating under the aegis of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. It brings together 26 Mediterranean and peri-Mediterranean Parties to the Convention, the Palestinian Authority and a number of intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.

The legitimacy and legal authority of the MedWet Initiative are provided by the Ramsar Convention, on the basis of Resolutions VII.22, VIII.30, IX.7, X.6 and XI.5 of the Conference of the Parties and Decisions SC19-19 and SC25-31 of the Ramsar Standing Committee.

MedWet’s work focuses on:

  • providing technical tools for the sustainable management of wetlands and their natural resources;
  • creating stakeholder networks and partnerships between and within Mediterranean countries on issues pertaining to wetlands;
  • promoting and disseminating information on the sustainable use of wetland resources; and
  • putting into practice best practices of wetland management with “hands-on” projects in Mediterranean wetlands.