Eden: Marshlands of Mesopotamia

The photographic exhibition Eden: Marshlands of Mesopotamia took place in the framework of the Rodos Ecofilms Festival, 20-25 June 2006.
Thirty seven color prints with portraits of Marsh Arabs, village life, wildlife and landscapes taken during a Biodiversity Survey organised in 2005 were displayed in the exhibition. The photographer, Mr Mudhafar Salim participated in the Survey undertaken as part of a Canada-Iraq Marshlands Initiative (CIMI) to restore the wetland.

Sistema de Classificação de Habitats MedWet

O Sistema de Classificação de Habitats MedWet (Farinha et al. 1996), um sistema de classificação hierárquico que permite descrever detalhadamente os habitats de zonas húmidas, foi apresentado durante o projecto MedWet 1 (1993-1996). Este sistema foi adaptado do sistema utilizado no inventário de zonas húmidas dos Estados Unidos da América (Cowardin 1979) e desde então sofreu várias adaptações que neste trabalho são também analisadas, nomeadamente o inventário de zonas húmidas de África do Sul (Dini & Cowan 2000).
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Manual para recolha de dados sobre Zonas Húmidas Base de dados MW/SUDOE

Brief Description This publication serves as a manual to the latest tool for inventorying wetlands developed by MedWet. Known as the MedWet/SUDOE database, this information product is the culmination of a five year project aimed at improving tools for inventorying wetlands, a longstanding priority in the work of MedWet. Information in the database and manual are organized around three levels relating to the hydrological basin, to wetland site as well […]

Regional Action for Wetlands

Papayannis Thymio Brief Description This book presents an overview of the development of the MedWet, through the eyes of one of the leading figures of this international initiative for the protection of Mediterranean wetlands. The aim of the book is to document and draw on the experience of the first eleven years of MedWet as a guidance to future efforts for its development.It presents  a description of the circumstance and […]


Mediterranean wetlands socioeconomic aspects

Directed by Benessaiah N Brief Description What are the economic services and benefits that wetlands provide? The authors of this volume consider demographic, economic, biodiversity and development aspects of Mediterranean wetlands. Locations presented ater the Kune-Vain lagoons in Albania, Béni Belaid in Algeria, Delta of the Neretva River in Croatia, Merja Zerga in Morocco and Sebkha el Kelbia in Tunisia. Authors implement a series of theoretical tools on wetlands economic […]

The Status of Wetland Inventories in the Mediterranean Region

Brief Description Wetland Inventories encompassing a full description of the location, extent, type, functions values and threats of all the wetlands in an area, are a pre-requisite for any concerted wetland conservation programme.  They provide a basis for determining priorities for comparing between regions or countries for establishing planning frameworks and for measuring the success of conservations actions. For this reason, developing a comprehensive wetland inventory and monitoring programme has […]